Domestic Relations Court Protection Orders

Civil Protection Orders

A petition for a Domestic Violence or Civil Stalking Protection Order may be filed with the Clerk of Court. The court will hold an emergency ex-parte hearing, if requested, on the same day if the petition is filed before 3:00 p.m. It is suggested that the petitioner contact a victim advocate to discuss this matter prior to filing the petition. The Clerk of Courts can give you information about contacting a victim advocate.

In order to file a Domestic Violence petition, you must allege that the person you are filing against (Respondent) engaged in domestic violence against his or her family or household member as defined by R.C. 3113.31.

In a civil stalking protection order, the parties do not have to have a relationship. Petitioner must live in Wood County and must prove that Respondent’s actions fit into R.C 2903.214.

The court must find that there has been domestic violence or stalking behavior in order to issue a civil protection order. If you choose to proceed without representation, you must be able to properly present your evidence and follow the court rules.

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