Domestic Relations Court Children

Child Support

Both parties are required to register with the Wood County Child Support Enforcement Agency prior to the issuance of a child support order. The parties may stop at the office located on the first floor at the Wood County Courthouse. When you make your first court appearance, you will be directed to that office. The application form is also available online at, as a convenience for when the court staff is unavailable, or by clicking the link below.

The parties may estimate the child support obligation by using the calculator at Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Be aware that the final calculation may vary, depending on the facts presented at trial.

The Ohio Child Support Enforcement Agency website is

Application for Child Support Services Non-Public Assistance Applicant/Recipient

Guardian Ad Litem

A Guardian ad Litem (“GAL”) is a person who is appointed to assist the Judge or Magistrate in determining what is in a child’s best interest in a parenting proceeding. A GAL has special training and experience to deal with children and domestic relations matters. The GAL will interview each parent and conduct an investigation to determine what is in the child’s best interest. The GAL will report his/her findings to determine if it is possible for the parents to reach an agreement after taking  into consideration the recommendations. Frequently the parties will reach an agreement after hearing the recommendations so that the parties can avoid a trial. If there is no agreement, then the GAL will submit a written report to the court prior to the trial.

Guardian Ad Litem Questionnaire

Changing Families

*All Changing Families classes are CANCELLED until further notice*

This is a court-sponsored program for families of divorce that is presented by a licensed therapist. It is designed to help the children as their family changes from one to two households by providing education and skill building.

Your children must attend 3 sessions.

  • Kindergarten – 2nd  grade:  Class is CANCELLED. Children under the age of 9 are able to access the videos and resources on the sesame street divorce tool kit with their parents in lieu of attending the changing families classes.
  • 3rd grade – 7th grade:  2:45 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • 8th grade – 12th grade:  1:00 p.m. to 2:15 p.m.

The groups meet at the Wood County Job and Family Services building located at 1928 E Gypsy Lane Rd, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402.

After each session the parents will receive a synopsis of the topics that are covered in the sessions. Then, at the last session, the parents will be invited to join the children for the last 20-30 minutes.

Seminars For Children

To assure that your family can successfully transition and avoid conflict that is detrimental to children, there are 2 classes that must be completed prior to the final hearing. The parents are required to complete . This seminar is set up online for your convenience. You can work on the program when it fits into your schedule and it is not necessary to complete it all in one sitting. Upon completion of the program, be sure to print out the Certificate of Completion. The certificate must then be filed with the Clerk of Courts.

The second program, Changing Families, is designed for school age children. This is a court-sponsored program for families of divorce that is presented by a licensed therapist. It is designed to help the children as their family changes from one to two households by providing education and skill building. Be sure to schedule promptly so that the program can be scheduled.

Below is a list of a variety of online parenting programs that may be ordered by the court in post-divorce proceedings: (Spanish version available) (Spanish version also) (Parents Forever) (Spanish version available) (Co-Parenting, High Conflict/Anger, Parenting Skills) (Spanish available)

Facilitating Communication and Parenting Time

There are many resources to help parents help their children talk to their children and work with their children through the divorce and after. The court’s programs are intended to help families through the process. There are also many websites with information for parents such as And there are local agencies who can assist families such as the organizations listed below.

Programs to track schedules, share expenses & communicate:
Family Communication Tool

Supervised parenting locations:

Harmony House/Open Arms
PO Box 496
Findlay, OH 43839
Tel: 419.420.9261

Levels of Supervision: Monitors in room/cameras
Security: Officer present at all times
Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 4 – 8 p.m.; Sunday Noon – 8 p.m.

Village House
350 Rawson Ave.
Fremont, OH 43420
Tel: 419.354.4582

Security: Cameras
Levels of Security:

  1. with a monitor in room the entire time
  2. watch on camera & document each 15 minutes
  3. watch on camera & document each 30 minutes

42 Madison St.
Tiffin, OH 44883
Tel. 419.448.0080

Oak Harbor
Joyful Connections
8200 West State Rte 163
Oak Harbor, OH 43449

Center for Child & Family Advocacy
219 E. Washington St.
Napoleon, OH 43545
Tel. 419.592.0540

Children’s Rights Council of NWO
Tel: 419.473.8955

  • Hope United Methodist 4069 W. Sylvania Ave, Toledo, OH 43623
  • Olivet Lutheran Church, 5840 Monroe St., Sylvania, OH 43560
  • Faith Lutheran Chrch, 2440 South St., Toledo, OH 43609

Security: Several “bouncers”
Level of Supervision: Monitors in room

East Toledo Family Center
1020 Varland Ave.
Toledo, OH 43605
Tel. 419.691.1429

Security: Police sub-station on site/coded visitation door
Level of Supervision: Monitors in room

Mercer County
115 W. Fayette St.
Celina, OH 45822
Tel. 419.586.4663, ext 1006

Additional References

Additional Orders
Local Parenting Plan and Companionship
Long Distance Parenting Schedule
Explanation of Medical Bills Form