Common Pleas Court Jurors

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If you have been selected as a potential juror in the Wood County Common Pleas Court, it is our hope that your jury service will be a pleasurable experience and one that you will find interesting and rewarding.

Our democratic system of government allows for direct citizen participation in the determination of legal cases. Although your service may necessitate some adjustment of your regular schedule, you should consider it an honor that you were selected to serve. We at the Court will be happy to assist you in any way we can during your jury service.


How was I chosen to be a juror?

Your name was randomly selected from the Wood County voter registration list, according to guidelines which assure a random selection of a fair cross-section of the community.

Juror Eligibility:

To be eligible to serve as a juror, you must be 18 years of age or older, a resident of Wood County, and are eligible to vote, regardless of whether you actually are registered to vote.

Petit Jury:

In a criminal trial, the Petit Jury will decide if the defendant is guilty or not guilty of the alleged crime(s). In Ohio, the jury must find the defendant “guilty” or “not guilty” by a unanimous vote. The law requires twelve jurors to be seated in a criminal case.

In a civil trial, the Petit Jury will decide the facts that are in dispute. Eight jurors are required to be seated in a civil case. The law requires a vote of at least three-fourths of the jury to reach a verdict.

Most jury trials will seat one or more alternate jurors in the event a juror becomes ill or otherwise is unable to finish the trial.

Grand Jury:

The Grand Jury listens to evidence presented by the prosecution and decides whether the accused should be tried for a serious crime. Although you will hear testimony, you will not be trying the case. Trials are heard by Petit Juries.

Length of service:

As a Petit Juror, you are on call for a one month period. We will attempt to limit your service to being summoned for one trial during the one month period. However, on occasion it may become necessary to recall you during the month if an unusual number of Petit Jurors are required for a case.

As a Grand Juror, your term of service is four months. The Grand Jury meets one day twice a month for the four months it is in session. However, on occasion it may become necessary for the Grand Jury to hold an additional meeting.

Jury Questionnaire:

If you have been selected by random computer drawing from the current voter registration list as a prospective juror, you will receive a postcard directing you to complete the questionnaire online. If the questionnaire is not completed online within 1 week, a paper questionnaire will be sent by mail.

Jury Summons:

If you are selected to report for jury duty, you will receive a summons to report approximately one week to ten days in advance with further instructions.

Where do I report:

Your summons to report for jury duty will indicate the location, Judge, date and time you are to report for service. It is important that you follow the instructions on the summons. If you have any questions, call the Jury Commission office at 1-877-354-9620.

In case of inclement weather, please call the jury office to obtain information related to any closing or delay.


You will be paid $40.00 for each day of service. A check will be issued approximately two weeks after your service is complete. Check with your personnel department to find out what your company policy is regarding jury duty. Procedures vary and in most cases depend on specific circumstances. Work certificates to employers will be provided on your day(s) of service if requested.


You may park in any one of the free parking lots around the Courthouse complex as shown on the map below. Parking in metered areas is not recommended. The Court will not reimburse anyone for parking tickets.

From the North

  1. I-75 South to Exit 181
  2. Turn Right on Rt. 64/105 (E. Wooster St.)
  3. Continue on E. Wooster over RR Tracks
  4. Turn Right on N. Summit St.
  5. Continue One Block

From the South

  1. I-75 North to Exit 181
  2. Turn Left on Rt. 64/105 (E. Wooster St.)
  3. Continue on E. Wooster over RR Tracks
  4. Turn Right on N. Summit St.
  5. Continue One Block

From the North

  1. State Route 25 South to Bowling Green
  2. Continue to Downtown Area
  3. Turn Left on E. Court St.
  4. Continue One Block

From the South

  1. State Route 25 North to Bowling Green
  2. Continue to Downtown Area
  3. One Block Past Wooster St.
  4. Turn Right on E. Court St.
  5. Continue One Block

From the West

  1. Take Rt.6 East
  2. Turn Left on Bowling Green Rd. West
  3. Continue on W. Wooster St.
  4. Go Past Main St. 2 blocks
  5. Turn Left on N. Summit St.
  6. Continue One Block

From the East

  1. Take Rt.6 West
  2. Turn Right on Bowling Green Rd. East
  3. Continue on E. Wooster St. over RR Tracks
  4. Turn Right on N. Summit St.
  5. Continue One Block

What to wear and bring:

You may be sitting for long periods of time, so wear comfortable, but appropriate clothing. Bring a sweater or jacket since courtroom temperatures can be unpredictable. A book or other reading material may help any waiting time pass more quickly.


Restaurants are located within walking distance of the Courthouse.

Court security:

The Courthouse complex entrance includes metal detectors and an X-ray machine. All knives (including small pocket knives) scissors, box cutters, razor knives, chemical sprays or other objects deemed to be potentially dangerous will not be allowed to enter the building. For your convenience, please leave any of these objects at home or in your vehicle.





8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday (except legal holidays)


For additional information, please refer to the Wood County Handbook for Trial Jurors

Wood County Trial Juror Handbook

Petit Jury Service Video

Grand Jury Service Video

Grand Jury Service Brochure