Wood County Courts Adult Probation Department

The Wood County Adult Probation Department is dedicated to aid in the reduction of criminal behavior in the community through the supervision, treatment, and rehabilitation of the offender, while balancing the goal of protecting the public’s safety; and providing compliance with the orders of the Court.

Contact Information

Ryan Wolaver, Chief Probation Officer
1 Courthouse Square
Bowling Green, OH 43402
Tel. (419) 354-9201
Fax: (419) 354-9376
Monday-Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm

Services Provided


Information is gathered for a report to be used by the Court to determine release decisions and bond requirements at the time of an offender’s arraignment.

Pretrial Release/Bond

This program diverts offenders from the local jail facility while awaiting sentencing. The offender is released on bond and must comply with Court restrictions placed on them upon their release from incarceration. Orders may include random drug screens and mandatory reporting.


Offenders report to the Adult Probation Department after entering a plea in order to obtain initial information for the preparation of a Presentence Investigation Report.  The process is explained to the offender and all paperwork is provided to the offender at this time.

Presentence Investigation (PSI)

PSI reports provide the Court thorough background information on offenders appearing before the Common Pleas Court for sentencing.  The reports include offense information, criminal and social history, and victim input.

Community Control Supervision

This supervision provides general management of offenders at less risk for recidivism, by monitoring compliance with court-ordered conditions.

Intensive Supervision

This supervision is designed to supervise and monitor offenders at a higher risk for recidivism in the community by providing a more restrictive, intensive supervision.  The offender must complete this program before being placed under basic community control supervision.

Electronic Monitoring (EM)

EM diverts offenders from the local jail by allowing them to remain in their homes. Electronic monitoring may include, GPS, SoberLink, and EM, which may include house arrest.

Drug Testing

The Adult Probation Department performs urinalysis testing for numerous drugs on a random basis as ordered by the Court as a condition of bond or supervision.

Intervention (IIL)

Per O.R.C., the Adult Probation Department determines eligibility of offenders referred for an IIL diversion, and if accepted, the department will continue supervision until the successful completion of the intervention plan.

*The department employs probation officers with advanced education/training in supervising sex offenders and assisting offenders who served in the Armed Forces